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These parts are extremely HEAVY DUTY, not the Flimsy type you often find online.

1.  $25  Manual Handle for backup in case of power failure or fun manual turning 


2a. $25 Free floating fork for stabilizing the meat to be installed anywhere on the spit. (pic below)

A must for turkey's or chickens, or for extra stabilization in the front area.

  No extra tools to install or remove necessary.  Very Heavy Duty (Extra threads via a "nut" welded on the pipe, and large handle, easy to bolt on/off  by hand.

Actual will vary a little depending your application. 

2b. $30   for a similar one but double, (hook on either direction to be used in/between birds

2c. $20 ea  Bolts to stabilize the carcass on the spit (good to have for weights over 50 lbs but not necessary if you don't mind the work to tie with wire) 

(Discounts: 2 bolts for $30,  3 bolts for $40 (our bolts are mild steel, extra long around 10" to make it easy for the big sizes)

Top Left is the U-bolt, bottom right is the #3 below, the key to bolt /tighten the nuts during cooking. easily without hassle while hot.

3. $10 Special tool that makes tightening the hex nuts of the Bolts above a breeze (just one needed, it's a life saver if you get the #2's)

See pic above, bottom right T-Key tool.


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we will be happy to include them. :-)









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